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Welcome to the Yasuni!

Yasuni Wilderness

Exploring the Yasuni Wilderness since 1998!

Rio Napo, Coca. Orellana, Ecuador.
Rio Napo, Coca. Orellana, Ecuador.


We venture to know into the heart of one of the biodiverse places on the Planet!

We dive into the details of the giant machinery of Life, how this fragile works, get to know its elements.

Our curiosity to go beyond the establishment.

Understanding the Diversity of Life to Conserve it for the long run.

We propose solutions focusing on the Circular Economy of each location

We vision Yasuni as the Western Amazon Basin Bio High Tech Hub, providing solutions to science, technology, and biodiversity.

We promote massive actions in the restoration of the Amazon Rainforest with reforestation programs & education.

We use Tourism and Conservation Biology as our main cash flow to integrate conservation activities into local farmers, indigenous and local governments.