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Rainforest Wildlife Camera

The Mammals of the Yasuni

The Puma is wandering in the trails of Shiripuno Lodge.

Watch the amazon Wildlife captured in the Yasuni Trap Camera, many rare species found here.

We use many Traps Cameras available to capture moments of unique Amazonian Wildlife, those moments are useful data to understand the forest dynamics, we using it use to create a baseline of pristine forest in the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve in Ecuador.

We set them in many locations in the forest, we chose randomly camera station like in remote Forest Clay Licks, close & far trails, Moriche swamps, forest swamps, oxbows, feeding trees, streams, most of the times these locations have a limited number of visitors.

Many kind of Rainforest Wildlife found in our Yasun Trap Camera:

The Yasuni Trap Camera is a Sharing Initiative to promote the Conservation of the Amazon Rainforest Wildlife by bringing out of the forest images and videos from many different species of animals, many of them are the threat by Our Lifestyle and losing them is something we can’t afford.

We you had enjoyed the Rainforest Wildlife in the Yasuni Trap Camera.