Yasuni Wildlife: Giant Anteater

The Yasuni Wildlife: Giant Anteater

The Yasuni Wildlife is one of the most diverse and fragile in the planet!

We want to share with you of the some of classics Mammals of the Rainforest captured by the Yasuni Trap Camera Project.

We were so happy to see the Giant Anteater moving solitarily through the vast greenery of the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve in Ecuador, doing its jungle rounds, armed with a set of sharped claws combined a long and sticky tongue.

The Giant Anteater enjoys during his walks a decent amount of  jungle juicy delicatessen “fruit de la forêt” such as a good leaf-cutters Ants colony, an old termite nest when it’s possible or a good rotting tree would also entertain at this Giant with Claws.

The giant anteater is the largest of its family, with 182–217 cm (5.97–7.12 ft) in length, with weights of 33–41 kg (73–90 lb) for males and 27–39 kg (60–86 lb) for females.

The Giant Anteater belongs to ancient group of mammals such as sloths and extinct ground sloth. At the moment the Giant Anteater have lost 30% of their population of 10 years ago.