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The Waorani People

Waorani People

The Waorani People are Hunters-and-Gatherers from the Amazonian Amazon Rainforest Ecuador (Napo, Orellana, and Pastaza Provinces).

They are famous for riding out using sharp-pointed palm spears to any tries over their territory including oil workers and missionaries.

They have marked differences from other ethnic groups from Ecuador. Gaba building his new house is part of his daily duties.

The Waorani House is made os medium size forest trees, palm leaves, and lianas!

The Waorani People today is facing interesting challenges, oil and forest fragmentation

The Waorani knows all the seeds they can use from the forest, its use as a source of income

Kichwa People and Waorani People
Below is a collection of videos clip made to capture some of the lifestyles of the Waorani People.

The entire Yasuni Biosphere Reserve region is ancestral Waorani People territory. Which extends, from the Napo River on the north and west, down to the Curaray River in the south and eastward into Peru.

This vast territory, which stretches over 20 000 km2, underlies the current limits of Yasuni National Park and the Waorani Ethnic Reserve