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Orchids of the Yasuni

Orchid of the Yasuni

Learn about the Orchids of the Yasuni, an incredible family of plants living in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador.

The Orchids in the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve have a high rate of success.

Most of these unique organisms live in trees up in the canopy and few can be found rooting in the ground.

The Orchids in the Amazon Rainforest receives very little attention in wildlife surveys giving to the locations they choose to live,.

The Orchids of the Yasuni have adapted to live with very limited resources such as water and nutrients, with their spongy leaves and pseudobulbs allows them to store water during rainfalls.

The Yasuni Biosphere Reserve is home of several hundreds of species of orchids, check some of them gather up in the Orchid Garden at Shiripuno Lodge.

All these specimens had been rescued from the forest floor and taken to the garden.