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Welcome to Yasuni Wilderness

Yasuni Wildlife
Yasuni Wildlife
Owl Butterfly comes out at dusk!

When it comes to hiding, the Amazon Rainforest comes with great imaginative solutions to the daily task of not been found or eaten; this remarkable changes in thousands organism is the result of trials and errors over thousands of years.

From deep of the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve, the largest protected area in Ecuador, we found something unique that we want to share with all you, it is perhaps the first video of the Rufous Potoo; it’s among the rarest birds in the world but rarer is to find it on its earliest plumage.

Here is an example of the Amazon Rainforest efforts to survive, this chick was here for about a month to grow big enough to fledge, during its process the adult (we don’t know the sex) was close enough to bring care every night as we patrol its vicinity we found it sitting on top of the chick.

We found this Rufous Potoo chick during a birding walk at Shiripuno Amazon Lodge

Enjoy this Video Clip from deep of the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve (Yasuni National Park & Waorani Anthropological Reserve) in Ecuador.

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Fernando Vaca