About Us

Yasuni Wilderness brings into light-spot all species from the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve.

We use different ways to capture wildlife moments and hopefully those moments can capture regular people’s attention about this Mankind Natural Heritage.

We social medias as are mainstream to promote the Yasuni Wildlife with homemade videos, homemade sounds and amateur photography. We believe that Every species living in here deserve special attention from everyone.

Below is a list different awareness campaigns specially on YouTube about all the different life forms living in the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve.

With the Bio-acoustics approach we want to bring the Amazon Rainforest closer to millions of people, specially to those who might never come to see it but still is a way to experience it.

We are working in coming up publication:

We sell goods to maintain running this site, We have all in our  Online Shop  

  • Waorani Made
  • Amazon Rainforest Sounds, recorded in remote areas with a homemade production.
  • We have T-Shirt of course, Our kick starter species in the Puma, more species to come.

Thank you for your support!

Yasuni Wilderness Team